Schedule & Goals

This included: The events I participate, my timing, miles per month, the runs I did and my goals.

This page is constantly update



  • Running miles 36.99
  • Walking miles 6.96




Running Miles

January- September


10/11/20 3.11mi 5k Event for Bank of America Chicago Marathon

10/10/20 5.02 8k Event for Bank of America Chicago Marathon

10/08/20 1.02mi The Mile for event Bank of America Chicago Marathon

10/03/20 3.26mi Strava October 5k

I finished the year with 172.03 miles in 2020.



January -March

  • S.W. 230/C.W 193 after 3 months of the keto diet.
  • Running Sporadically
  • Foam Roller fanatic. (Read Post Click Here)
  • Driking a lot of water


  • S.W 230 / C.W 177 after 6 months of the keto diet
  • Running 3 or 4 days per week
  • Running with the stroller (Read Post Click Here)
  • Drink more water


  • Running more consistently
  • Drink more water
  • keep going with the keto diet



This included:  Goals/Wishlist | Month by Month recap | Events | Challenges

My Goal: RUN / Run a 10k event



  • Goals: (Click Here)
  • 13.94mi Total of runs: 10 runs
  • Start running consistent/training


  • Wishlist: (Click Here)
  • Start Playing Volleyball again in a adult open gym.
  • Start practicing Tennis.
  • 15.40mi Total of 10 runs.
  • Recep: (Click Here)

April: Try to play Volleyball every Monday of this month. DONE √

2018 ended with a different Catherine. 2019 will be a lot better


This included:  Goals/Wishlist | Month by Month recap | Events | Challenges

My Goal: RUN 

  • March: 0.50mi Total of 1 run for the month
  • April: 2.12mi Total of 4 run for the month (Recap Click Here)
  • May: 5.46mi Total of 7 run for the month
  • June: 11.99mi Total of 10 run for the month
  • July: 14.06mi Total of 11 run for the month
  • August: 22.27mi Total of 15 run for the month
  • September: 18.34mi Total of 9 run for the month
  • October
    • 5k Event #2 DONE √  (Recap Click Here)
    • Traning for my next 5k
  • November
  • December,,,

Yearly Totals 2017

More than 47 Runs

74.05 + … Miles (using my Nike running app. Plus the miles I didn’t have on record.)

3 Running Events

This year 2017 was a great and amazing year for me. I confront the anxiety and I started working on it. (yep very personal) This year also was a great year for my running journey you can look for more info in my recaps and another post up above^. Looking forward to beating 2018 let’s do this!


This included:  Goals | Month by Month recap | Events | Challenges

  • January: Recap post ( Click here to check it out )
    • 31 days Push-up challenge 90%
    • Run: 0.50 mi just 1 run
  • February:
    • Goal Run more often
    • Challenge: 10 Run
This year I close it with nothing better than the past is in the past, Live in the present and look forward to the future.  (April 2, 2017)


This included:  Goals | Month by Month recap | Events | Challenges

  • Run a 5k (not made it)
  • Run a 10k (not made it)
  • CSM Cardio Challenge DONE

This year was very difficult for me. I run sporadically. I walk some days in the short summer here.  I gained weight and I lose motivation.

  • Resumen of this year runs:
    • Miles: 49.10 mi.
    •  Pace: 12′ 55″avg pace.
    • 41 runs

I have a little more miles and runs because I ran a few time without any gadget and I don’t have any record of it. It doesn’t matter.


This included:  Goals | Month by Month recap | Events |

  • January Run: For January I did not put any goal. This month was our move from state to another state.
  • February Run: In this month I just run 0.25mi. It feel like starting to walk as a baby. The new elevation is giving me trouble to breathe correctly so I need to start from zero again.
  • March-August (I did not run at all because I was pregnant, and it was difficult to me to keep it up with the run)
  • September: (after my doctor approve, I started to run again [postpartum runs]) (2 runs / 1.1 mi.)
  • October: ( I try to keep running after having the baby) (5 Runs /3.6mi.)
  • November: [30 days of Yoga Challenge] DONE
  • December: 31 days to do the 100 push-ups challenge.  (no made it)


  • Run 3.1 miles on week June 30, 2013 – July 6, 2013. Done √
  • June 2013 Total: ( 16 runs/ 30.21mi ) Done √
  • My first Local fun run 5k event on July 6, 2013. Done √ (Click here to check the post about it
  • My first real 5k event: July 20, 2013. Done   (Click here to check it out
  • July 2013 with more than 27.00miles  Done  (16 runs / 33.93mi)
  • Run 2.00 miles in 20:00 minutes + 17 push up + 37  sit up. Before the end of this year 2013.
  • Run a 5k in 35 minutes before the end of this year 2013. Almost Done  (Time: 35:59min)
  • Run 5 miles Done  (Time: 1:10:24)
  • August 18, 2013 – 5k Event Done  (Click here to check it out)
  • August 2013 Miles in total: 21.79mi / In 12 runs Done 
  • September 6, 2013: Community 5k Event ( 3.19mi / 38:16min ) (Click here to check it out)
  • September 21, 2013:  5k Event ( 3.45mi / 5k time 35:59min ) (Click here to check it out)
  • September 2013 Miles in total:  (10 Runs / 27miles) Done √  AMAZING!
  •  October 2013 Miles and Goals: 8 Runs – 13.60mi
  1. More Days at the Gym:  20/31 Days. Done 
  2. Running Outside: 4 Runs Done 
  3. Do legs, arms, and abs:  Done 
  4. Drink more Water: Oh Yeah! DONE 
  • Runcember Challenge:
  1. Drink more water: DONE
  2. Run more miles: not made | Just 4.60miles
  3. Gym Days: In all month-long only 2 days
  4. December 14, 2013. Santa’s 5k event result: DONE√  (Recap)(Click here to check it out)
  5. Run in X-mas day: not made

“Set your goal high enough, to inspire you and low enough, to encourage you.”



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