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A month without running (life update/ race recap)

Hi! Around here it may be more than a month without posting. There’s a reason… (read down below) 3rd 5k of the year RECAP: My third 5k running event was this past month. November 4. I was very relax the night before, I usually have anxiety or couldn’t sleep. For this event I wasn’t nervous… Continue reading A month without running (life update/ race recap)



Hi! Sorry I have been missing in action… I have a couple of post that I want to publish but with the situation in my country Puerto Rico. I haven’t feel like posting content in my blog. I have goals and an event that I want to share here like a part of my journey…… Continue reading Sorry



HI!!! I’m from Puerto Rico. I’m not there, but all my family is. The island were hit with a category 5 Hurricane maria. I just want to share and try to find help for the people in the island! The first lady of Puerto Rico Beatriz Rosello has opened a fund raising┬ápage to donate.… Continue reading HELP/AYUDA PUERTO RICO! Spanish/English

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September half-month goals

Hi! It took me sometime to set my goals for this month. I’m few weeks away from my second 5k event this year. September Goals: Run 4.00 miles Run non-stopping Run more miles per week More Stretching (before & after) Today I went for a run in the evening with my baby and the stroller.… Continue reading September half-month goals