JUNE wishlist 2017


June is my birthday month and I will add more to my goals because I’m planning to gave all of me to make it happen. Right now I’m persuing my dreams to conquer what I want. I will not let nothing win over me.

JUNE Fitness wishlist 2017

Run more miles

Walk trails

More days active

Add more Kickboxing days

Include more  jumping rope


Drink more water

Eat more healthy snacks/food

Avoid junk food


Question: Do you have a goal to achieve this June 2017?

Let me know down in the comments area!


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9 thoughts on “JUNE wishlist 2017

  1. I’m going to make a post with this month’s goals, but one of my goals is to learn how to cook. Right now, my abilities to cook only involve the use of a microwave and boiling water to make food.

  2. I like that you jump rope. I haven’t done that since I was a kid. Maybe I will try that I guess my PT will say it’s ok. I look at sporting goods this weekend. You have some good goals. Happy birthday month! 🎂

    • Happy Running! Is amazing discovering new places. Enjoy your journey! I always remember Minnesota because is the coldest place I have been hehe! 🙂 After Milwaukee!

  3. Have an awesome summer! (Thats my goal) Your list is the same as mine too, except that I want to blog often I guess and just write in my summer. I also want to practice soccer and cycle more! Water is definitely on my reminders!

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