January Recap 2016


This is my January Recap 2016 

The Challenge of the month was PUSH UPS for the next 31 days . It was almost done.  25 days into the challenge I had to stop it because I was having shoulder pain. I tried to start doing push ups again to finish the challenge but the pain was too much so that’s why I didn’t finish it 100%.

During that month I did some core and legs exercises. I wasn’t consistent with the exercises. I made them when I had some alone time, which for me is very rare.

I just ran one time. You can read more about it in my previous post here. It was a good reminder that I need to run more often.

Overall : My month was not what I expected but this is just the beginning. Like I told you before I’m not giving up…and February just started and it also has one more day this year. Keeping up with my motivation is part of my life. Sometimes is high sometimes low but you always need to keep it up. Your power will only grow.



Thank for reading!


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