I’m Back July 2018 (update)


It have been more than a minute since my last post here in my blog. I don’t have any excuse. I just had a lack of inspiration since I injured myself playing volleyball. My Ankle still bother me. I when recently back to the doctor and still the same swollen ligaments and effusion that’s a boomer. I can walk better now, but I can not be active like before the injury.

I lost my inspiration, I lost myself in this injury and I gain weight too. Something that I’m not proud of. Now that I feel a little bit better I might start taking walks (is the most I can do for now) also I might start doing low impact exercises so my ankle is not compromise. I have try to run twice since the injury the longest I ran was 0.51mi and my ankle remind me for almost a week that, was a bad idea.

I want to write good content but when your tool is damage is hard to write about something that is not happening. (Like play volleyball, Running, Walks, Goals).

So I’m going to try my best to find myself again so I can put that in words for my blog, my journal. That way I can start slow but for sure my personal inspiration again. This blog had help me a lot and I miss it.

So I’m back at it!

“You can do this”

“You got this”

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Bad Landing (Volleyball)



On Monday I went to an open gym for a volleyball section with my all energy on high. I play 3 sets first then 2 more. In the final set of the game I was very involved and focus. It was the third pass to make the spike and there is me in the zone 4 to make the point wish it works but then this happen, I think the worst nightmare of any player an injury. I did a bad landing and twisted my ankle. I didn’t use the ankle braces. It was during the night so I waited until today the next day to visit the doctor. It hurts a lot and is very swelling but Thanks God is not fracture. I have swelling ligaments. Right Now is already 24hrs of this happening and is better but still hurts. I have put icepack, arnica balm and I also elevated the leg… I hope this get better soon. Now not running, not volleyball until fully recover I don’t want to risk anything.

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April Schedule Fail/ May Goals 2018


In this post I was expecting to write how wonderful my schedule for this month of April 2018 works. But this is not the case.

I’m not going to make excuses this just simple was a little bit hard to follow.

Having an intensive 3 hour of volleyball game every Monday it can be very exhausting. But I love IT!!

During this month I plan to Run 2 time per week yep that didn’t happen I ran like 2 times during all month and the longest distance was 0.65mi.

Tennis Friday I just went 2 Friday of the month.

The at home workout didn’t happen it was like another rest day.


Why the schedule was a fail, or wasn’t what I expected.

I tought that with running I was in good shape to play volleyball. Not…! So I have been searching practicing a lot at home. Is good, but I’m not that 21-year-old back in 2008. That means that I’m focusing more in volleyball than other thing. But I still working out, is not the same but still a work out. If you now much or a little about volleyball, you need to do a lot in the court, bumping, setting, serve, dig, spike etc… plus the people who I’m playing are Intermediate to Advance. So the rally on court can be sometimes very fast. Another thing and is very rare for me… I didn’t know the words in english to refer to any of the movement or steps to play. If you don’t know english is not my first language, is spanish. So at first it was weird to interact to people when in my mind everything was like, (“mia”  mine, “yo” me, “saca” service, “dentro” in, “fuera” out, “acomoda”  set/setting…etc..) I was like for real very confuse and not familiar for the type of game that you play on court when not spanish speaking person play. So Can you imagine! But It was easy for me to adjust that, just researching and been more familiar to that kind of word, dialect.

So my focus have been Volleyball for now. But I still want to RUN… My Goal is to mix this two and be comfortable doing so. I just need to organize everything better because on Fridays I’m playing tennis just 1hour. But still not Running related.

Tennis is for fun! Volleyball too but I’m taking more serious because it always been my passion since I was in elementary school. Running still important to me. Just need to see how I can combine everything and work.

For me It wasn’t a fail…It was a learning lesson. Is hard to compromise time when sometimes 24hrs are not even enough.


May 2018 Goal: 

  • Drink more water
  • Run more days during the month
  • Volleyball Monday
  • Tennis Friday
  • Be more patient


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Volleyball / Tennis


This is a random post!

It’s a little bit more about me, I was a Former Volleyball player in University 2008 in Puerto Rico. It have been 10 years since the last time I played volleyball and that was my last year in University 08′. If you know me well you know that I love volleyball. So I decided to check if around my community is there any place and can find to play. Then I found it, and it was so exciting to finally get the opportunity to play.

It was nice playing again and getting to know new people in the court. The body have memory,  Not the same stamina but for me after all this years it felt like I did a good work during the 3 hours I played. I going back on Monday. I’m going to get back at it. I feel like this is part of me. Is like passion. I love this sport.

Do you like volleyball?

Do you play?

Volleyball Court (photo)

2018-03-26-23-00-53 (1)

This photo was taken with my cellphone.


I have been following the puertorican Monica Puig since she participated on Rio 16′  Olympics games and won the first gold medal for Puerto Rico, representing the island. She recently participated in the Miami Open 18′ unfortunately she didn’t pass to finals, but is completely fine she did her best performance during the tournament. So seeing her playing and watching all the games, It spark the curiosity on me to check how I can do it. So I try it for myself. I enjoy to play is very challenging, but since it was my first time. It went very well. I hope I can practice more frequently. I like it a lot!

Who is your favorite tennis player?

Do you play Tennis?

mprio16Monica Puig

Credit to the owner of the photo. This photo is not mine.

The Tennis Court I visited (photo)


This photo was taken with my cellphone

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