Running with a stroller


Running with a stroller:

I started running again with my 4yrs old on the stroller.  Let me tell you the struggle is real, but not impossible. I also decided to run at least 1.50mi but I have been running 2.00mi. The first mile is getting easier but the second mile I feel that the combination of the wind,  the weight of the stroller plus her weight and adding that I’m pushing up and down hill sometimes is challenging but I have been having fun. Something different to do and having company is a plus.


Question: Do you run with a stroller? What brand is your favorite?


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7 thoughts on “Running with a stroller

  1. Hey Catherine,

    As a running dad, I very often run with a stroller. We have two kids so I need to use a double most times. The double we use is the Burley D’Lite. It’s very light weight but but not easy to steer, especially with 2 toddlers. I LOVE our Chicco single jogging stroller though. That thing is magnificent!

    -The Running Dad

  2. My daughter has been through more than one stroller trying to find a good one. My advice would be to not skimp. I have run with it a few times. It is different and takes some getting used to.

    • Yeah I feel like I’m training. I haven’t run without the strollef and the baby since mid june. Let’s see on August what are the results.

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