JULY Training DONE!


July was a challenging month because of the hot weather days that I’m not use to. I’m from Puerto Rico there is some hot days and very humid but where I’m now this hot is super hot and a little humid. The higest was 111º degrees fahrenheit. It was a good month tho.


-Cardio: 4 Days

This incluide: Jumping jacks, Jumping rope, Kickboxing, squats and legs workouts.

-Total of 11 Runs

-Runs in Distance: 14.06mi

I’m super happy that I keep adding more miles every month.

15 of 30 days active



Was my July wishlist accomplished?

Let’s see!

-Running more miles: DONE √-Running more days this month: DONE √

-More active days in the month: 3 days less of days active of last month. 1 more day of running 96% DONE √


-Stretching: Before DONE √ /  After: Nope-5k on my own in less than 50 min. I do not try to run that distance this month.


Healthy Intakes



Drink more water: YES 4-5 bottles of 16 ounces each.

Eat healthy snacks/food: MORE OR LESS 50% YES

Avoid junk food : NOT AT ALL


Reduce the food quantity: YES


Next post: August Wishlist

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16 thoughts on “JULY Training DONE!

  1. Good job! 😀 I am trying to get rid of a Diet Coke to intake less caffeine and not have aspartame. It’s so hard!

    • I didn’t drink coca cola for almost 4 years. But after I had the baby, I don’t know what happen. Is like something neccesary. I try my best… I run in caffeine all the day, if not… Just imagine…I prefer the morning coffee or tea but that coca cola. Sometimes I just go out to buy it. Just that…is hard… I need to be more committed
      in this case.
      Let’s do this! NO MORE SODA!

      Thanks for commenting! Have a great rest of your day!

      • That’s right, no more soda! I had all forms of caffeine from chocolate, tea, and coffee. I needed to say no for stress reasons. I got all stressed out. It wasn’t for hyper reasons. Yes, caffeine and soda isn’t good for babies. It’s hard to give up I hear during pregnancy but good call. 😀
        Have a good night! 😀

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