My Plan for February 2018


Welcome to my 2018 Journey!

I’m so glad to be back…

I want to write down what I want to achieve and going to do during the month of

During this month I want to start with a routine and maintain it, I want to be consistent I’m good on that but if I refer of running, working out and drink water sometimes is hard for me. I always do one or two of the three. This time I want to keep up, now that I have a little more time during the day.


  • Start Training (Running) Goal To be announce 
  • +
  • Push-ups/ Sit-ups / Squats and Walk
  • +
  • Streching
  • + or –
  • No SODA
  • +
  • More WATER

I’m not going to rush anything. I just going with the flow, I know it take time to be on a routine, so I’m not going to be that hard on myself. I clearly know what I want and If I want to reach my goal I need to gave everything I have.

I’m ready to start working on the new me. WORK FOR IT!!!

What are your February goals? 

Thanks for visiting



18 thoughts on “My Plan for February 2018

  1. Good luck! This month, I’d like to lose another five pounds (down ten already!), kick ass on my first 8-mile run in six months and find the perfect pair of compression socks for long runs (I keep procrastinating this).

    • Thanks! Come on let’s do this….loosing weight is part of my journey too…. but is not my focus. I know doing anytype of exercise is going to help. 8miles Girl NICE JOB… I love compression socks! Which one do you recommend?

    • I know is very hard, is not the first time I try… Hope this time work…In November I quit coffee, I know I can do this… What did you do to quit soda?

      • I know coffee was a hard one… still is… but since I don’t drink it anymore… I’m feeling much better… like the energy, I can sleep at night… and my anxiety level is low…

        about the soda that a good thinking…. save some $$

  2. For February I will keep training for my first real competition of this year. On March 17th I will run a 50 Mile UltraMarathon. But yet this is not the main competition of this year, I am training for a 100K on October.

  3. Hey, Catherine.
    I was just checking out your posts.
    I also run, but I there has been some kind of doubts which I have.
    Like I usually run on concrete path, is there any scientific evidence that it may lead to knee injury or may be some backache.
    It’s sort of a delusion I think.
    Can you shed some light on it.

    • Hi… I’m not a expert but I can tell you what I know. About the scientific I’m not sure but If you mean concrete like the sidewalk is made of cement so that material is very solid so that mean the impact you are doing by almost constant jumping/running in the hard material that don’t bend at all. That maybe why your knee hurt. When I run in the sidewalk I always have shin splints pain. That why I run in pavement, track or trail… those are type or floor/materials that bend so the impact is not same. I hope I gave you the answer or a little light.
      Also you can do some type of streching to avoid any possible injury. Take care

      • Yeah. You are right, running on trail or sand coated path is the right thing to do.
        Thank you, Catherine. Take care.

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