Sorry I have been missing in action… I have a couple of post that I want to publish but with the situation in my country Puerto Rico. I haven’t feel like posting content in my blog.

I have goals and an event that I want to share here like a part of my journey… but something is stopping me.

I feel like I need to respect the people affected with that terrible and devastating hurricane Maria.

Thanks God all my family is okay. But there are more families that didn’t ran with the same luck. Pray for Puerto Rico.


Thanks for visiting!

I will be posting again soon!



9 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Pleased to hear that you and your family are safe after the tragic events in your country. Totally understand how you feel… prayers and thoughts are with you all x x x

  2. Glad your family is ok CP!! I have a friend who I work with from PR and she is going down there next week, we are sending her with as many supplies as we can. Lots of prayers to you and your fam and all of Puerto Rico. x

  3. Glad to hear your family is doing well and don’t worry, your blog/followers will still be here waiting for its next entry.

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