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It’s a little bit more about me, I was a Former Volleyball player in University 2008 in Puerto Rico. It have been 10 years since the last time I played volleyball and that was my last year in University 08′. If you know me well you know that I love volleyball. So I decided to check if around my community is there any place and can find to play. Then I found it, and it was so exciting to finally get the opportunity to play.

It was nice playing again and getting to know new people in the court. The body have memory,  Not the same stamina but for me after all this years it felt like I did a good work during the 3 hours I played. I going back on Monday. I’m going to get back at it. I feel like this is part of me. Is like passion. I love this sport.

Do you like volleyball?

Do you play?

Volleyball Court (photo)

2018-03-26-23-00-53 (1)

This photo was taken with my cellphone.


I have been following the puertorican Monica Puig since she participated on Rio 16′  Olympics games and won the first gold medal for Puerto Rico, representing the island. She recently participated in the Miami Open 18′ unfortunately she didn’t pass to finals, but is completely fine she did her best performance during the tournament. So seeing her playing and watching all the games, It spark the curiosity on me to check how I can do it. So I try it for myself. I enjoy to play is very challenging, but since it was my first time. It went very well. I hope I can practice more frequently. I like it a lot!

Who is your favorite tennis player?

Do you play Tennis?

mprio16Monica Puig

Credit to the owner of the photo. This photo is not mine.

The Tennis Court I visited (photo)


This photo was taken with my cellphone

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9 thoughts on “Volleyball / Tennis

  1. My daughter got onto her middle school volleyball team — she was pleased about that. It’s also a sport I can try to help her with, as I can play a little bit.

      • Good thinking. She in the future will appreciate it. But not every parent support the child. In my case my dad didn’t play but he was there, when he can. I really appreciate that he took the time to be there or did sacrifices to support me. 😉

  2. LOVE volleyball!! Our daughter plays on a premier team, so we spent lots of weekends in the gym for tournaments and training throughout the week. It’s such a great sport!!

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