7 Miles

I recently went on an adventure to add more miles in to the month of January. I had run/walk 7.06 miles. This is my longest and farthest so far this year 2021.

Distance: 7.06mi

Duration: 1:56:47

Pace: 16’32”

This time and pace is not what I want it. Is not what I used to do before. I need to stop being hard on myself for not running as fast or in the pace I was. This is a new year, a new me. Taking every step to run more miles not matter if I need to walk during my run. I want to work on my endurance. I know I’m capable so I will keep training for it. To achieve what I want.

I still more active on Instagram @catherine_run1




2021 Start with great news!

Good News! I’m #teamnuun2021
The year started with an amazing opportunity to be a 2021 Nuun Ambassador! I’m excited for this new chapter in my running journey and to be part of my favorite hydration brand is a plus.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email saying I was selected to participate with the brand. On November last year, I saw that they had a opening to be an ambassador and I filled out the form. I just took a risk that I had never thought of doing. I’m so glad that I took the chance and I went for it.

I want to let you know that I’m still very active on Instagram @catherine_run1 I have been posting about my running journey there. I write about what is happening with every run and the accomplishments and the not so fun stuff.

I’m thinking as part of my goals for 2021 is adding my first 10 miler run for this year.

Tell me about your goals for this 2021!!!

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