June 27, 2013. Finally ran 3.02 miles!

Hi Everyone!

Today I finally ran 3.02miles. I feel so excited that all the hard work is paying off. Results are given, when you train hard and commit to a goal. Oh YEAH!

I need to keep in track with my training. Now is time to keep running the 3.00 and next week add the next 0.10mile to reach my goal  for the 5k.

Check it out the (Goal page here)

  • Distance: 3.02mi
  • Time & Pace:


  • 11:59      11’59″/mi avg pace
  • 25:28      13’29″/mi avg pace
  • 39:19      13’51″/mi avg pace


Race Fact:

  • At the end of the path, my feet begin to numb. Was a rare experience, but when I stop running. My feet had a recovery immediately.





June 25, 2013. Not Enough!


Today the weather in my area during the morning was raining like crazy. In the afternoon the lovely sun came out raising the temperature. Until the night that finally got to a good temperature. So decided to run but this time at the gym because was almost 8:00pm. I start running in the treadmill. I was doing fine since the treadmill stop. I almost fell. I didn’t expect that.

When I check my phone to verify the distance I was only in 0.39mi in 3:56min. I try to start again I set the treadmill and ran for few minutes so I check my phone again and the app stay on 0.39mi but this time was 6:58min. I was like “what the hell” is happening. So I decided to run in the pavement since the treadmill and the app don’t work well together. And I want a record in my profile. So I get out of the gym and start running I was so happy because it feel so good and I run 1.07mi in 12:38min / pace 11’46″/mi.

Also when I get home I did some workout too, (5 pushups & 25 sit up ‘military style’).
This image is just for the pavement run because the treadmill run was a fail.




(this image is a screenshot from my Nike + running profile)




June 22, 2013. I feel tired during the run.


Today I think not was my day. When I start running it feel good then when I hit de 1.00mile, the air feels different, my breath was hard and I start to have ribs pain. So I walk for a little bit… I continue with my run but my pace was very slow, like I feel I was walking I don’t know. Was a wierd event today with my run. Also my legs ached but it was something that could withstand. I was feeling very tired.

I feel like instead of progressing, i’m going backward.




June 20, 2013. My knee is bothering me!


Today I was supposed to run 2.50miles during in the run my knee start to inconvenience. I keep trying to reach my goal. Today was not that day and I need to learn pay attention to my body when enough is enough. I run 1.95mi, in the middle of the run my amore notice that I’m not in his way and he returned to find me. He ask me “Are you Okay?” and my answer was “My knee” I almost in tears for a moment because I felt frustrated.He is my magic, he is helping me. So he told me “If you need to stop, then stop…Don’t push to hard”. I was like; no I don’t want to but my body was telling me something; so I stop.

Background info: (Check here “About”) I was in the volleyball team in my university, maybe my knee is bother me because  of many falls, bumps and rolls to the floor as part of the game and training.

If the knee still hurting me, I’m going to visit the doctor.

June 20,2013

Miles: 1.95mi

Time: 25:01min 

Pace: 12’49″/mi

graphic06202013(this image is a screenshot from my Nike plus profile)



June 16, 2013. Father’s Day Run + Work!


Happy Father’s Day!

Today was a great day. My father is in Puerto Rico, I didn’t spend this day with him; so sad but I “facetime” with him.

I went to help my amore in to his work to organize few equipments. We spent 5hrs doing everything non-stopping. I was tired, my feets ached, but I get home I went to run which was my plan for Sunday. I can not stop or skip days from my training. This is the most important thing for me now. Also I think is the first time in my life that I compromised in something. Is a goal that I going to accomplish! oh yeah! It feel so good, doing something that you want, that makes you feel free. I love RUN, since I started this, I feel different, I feel productive, active, etc…

Today Sunday June 16, 2013.

2.00mi – 25:39min – pace 12’46”/mi (OH my God Slowwww) – 83F degrees

Fun Fact: While running on path passes through houses with families celebrating together, the interesting fact here is that the smell of the barbecue had invaded the area from start to finish. Yummy! Hehe!


(This photo is a screenshot from my Nike plus profile)