3 changes in 3 months


This year I changed a lot of things in my life. But there are three main changes that are the reason I feel I’m working on becoming the better version of myself. I change my diet, yes only have been three months and almost a week working on my new lifestyle (keto diet) but so far is working wonderful. I have lost weight, I feel that my health have been improved since I decided to take more care of myself. The second change is that I stop drinking any type of alcohol drink. Not that I was drinking a lot but here and there like 2 or 3 times at month a beer or a cocktail. So for me wasn’t that complicated and I feel I don’t need it anymore to live a better life. That wasn’t a goal like quitting all but as part of the new diet it is a plus so “two birds kill in one shot”. The third change that I made was to let my real and natural hair breath without any heating tools like (flat-iron, hair dryer and curling iron). I also tried the Curly girl method to improve the quality of my hair curls. It was an amazing experience. Made me my love more my hair, and take a better care of it. I hope to continue with this amazing change because my hair is like part of my roots and a good reminder of it.

In general this 3 things have been the most amazing experience in a long time. I’m going to continue this journey of my new lifestyle that I have been loving.

I’m very proud of myself for taking the first step to make changes into my life.

My goal is to keep going!

Ps: I started to run again!!!!!! &  I added the foam roller into my life!!!


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Planning my next training


I still running not the distance I want but at least is something. Right!

I want to start planning my next training schedule to achieve the distance I want to before my new goal distance event. Which is a 10k. Yes I’m so excited to this new chapter in my running journey, is something I have been think about, since my health is good and the doctor gave me the green light. This is what I’m looking forward to accomplish.

My longest run was 5.00mi years ago. It was on November 2013. I remember it was the running/walking type of run. I also remember it wasn’t plan at all. It was fantastic.

So this week my training start. I have 17 weeks to training. So I have a chart with the distance/workout I want to complete each day per week. I add some workout at home and the rest days. Everything can be modified and the chart is good to be accountable and obtain motivation.

Let’s see how it goes…!!

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Global Running Day 2017


Today is/was Global Running day!

Happy Running everybody!

Today I ran to be a better version of myself.

Today I ran a distance that I haven’t run in almost 3 years.

Today’s run was a good proof of what I’m capable to do.

Today June 7, 2017. I ran 1.30mi

It felt so good.

I just want to dedicated this post to the person who encouraged me to run.

That person is Jessica a friend that motivated me in 2013 to start this journey when I was in my worst moment.

Thanks Jess!!

Thanks to her I discover this passion in me.

Here I am in 2017 when I decided to start running again; trying my best to keep up with that passion. Giving all of me to achieve this goal. RUN


Do you run today? What motivated you to start running?

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After a year without running.


Today 3/29/2017 is no the exact day but is a approximately a year since the last time I ran. Today I ran a distance of 0.50mi. It felt so good. I felt so motivate and powerful during the run. It make this journey more excited because I’m doing something to help me get to my personal goal.

I’m feeling positive at this moment.

If I did it back in 2013, I can do it again,

Yes NOW!

I’m feeling pretty confident.

To get to my goal plus running; I have been doing some cardio exercises and drinking more water.

March is the month to start this journey.


Do you run? Leave your answer in the comments!


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