Glo Run Fun 5k event Sept 21, 2013.


Here we go…

This 5k event was a little bit different than the others I participated. In this event they don’t used timer, but thanks God I bring with me, my arm band and my cellphone.

I enjoyed all the route they use in this race or event.

Let’s begin with the fun part since the timer issue is nothing to bother about.

I liked the music and the good vibe in the event. I loved the lights, everyone in customes or with neon gear to participate. Everyone look so happy, that was great to see it around.

The route was fun with music,the lights, the neon effects, the lights in the tunel everything was nice, but even better was my timing at the finish line.
I beat my pr 35:56min.

Oh yeah!!! I’m so happy about that thanks to my amore (husband) that helped me to reach that awesome time. He support me to be the better me every single day. Thanks to that amore mio!

I enjoyed the after party. They play some good music, everyone was dancing, talking and singing. Some of them participated in the best customes contest; that was so cool!

Everything was nice that night… Oops I didn’t mention that this event was at night!

Hope you get it when I mention the lights and neon effects. Hehe