JUNE Training is over!


June my birthday month. The month of having fun in all aspects in life; like eating out, enjoying a great wine with friends, doing exercise to keep active and be happy about it. This month training was about running more miles more like running more times in a week, June was a good month for me all around.


I ran on Global Running Day! (Post Click here)

I ran my first 5k of the year. (5k recap Click here)

I ran more days

I ran/walk trails

I jump the rope

And the days I didn’t run was to rest or to do some cardio and stretching.

I start to using the Nike app to track my runs.

-Total of 10 Runs

-Runs in Distance: 11.99mi

What a difference from may (more run and more miles) AMAZING!

-Jumping Rope: 2 days

18 of 30 days active

-Total of 4 Walks

-Walks in Distance: 3.50mi maybe more.

The rest of the days I did cardio, more upper and core body workouts. For this workouts I use the darebee.com website. It help you like a guide and sets to do for the level you can do.

This month was very active for me in comparison the previous months. It was a great month.

I will post My July Wishlist next!


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Global Running Day 2017


Today is/was Global Running day!

Happy Running everybody!

Today I ran to be a better version of myself.

Today I ran a distance that I haven’t run in almost 3 years.

Today’s run was a good proof of what I’m capable to do.

Today June 7, 2017. I ran 1.30mi

It felt so good.

I just want to dedicated this post to the person who encouraged me to run.

That person is Jessica a friend that motivated me in 2013 to start this journey when I was in my worst moment.

Thanks Jess!!

Thanks to her I discover this passion in me.

Here I am in 2017 when I decided to start running again; trying my best to keep up with that passion. Giving all of me to achieve this goal. RUN


Do you run today? What motivated you to start running?

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