Just walk!



I don’t know if for some of you is hard but for me was very challenging. Yesterday I adventure myself for a 2.00mi walk. I noticed in the beginning I started very confident but the more I walk, the more my impatient self got frustrated, knowing that I have walk just 2.00mi in the same time I run 3.50mi. I know I’m just recovering for my recent ankle injury but OMG is driving me nuts.

So there my mind goes during my walk:

“I want to run”

“I can not run”

” I might just run 0.25mi”

” No, no that might be too much for my ankle”

” Come on,  just walk”

“Walk faster”

And etc…

I was fighting the fact that I’m just doing the most I can for the moment. I know that, but sometimes that frustrating thoughts win.

Is part of being human.

It going to take time, I just need to be more patient.

I also have a good goal for the rest of the year,  is loss weight. Always my goal since the beginning was running, but I have been incorporating more stuff but my weight never was an issue or a problem or concern or something I have to worry about. But after the injury like I wrote in my previous post I lost myself a little too much and that was never the plan but now that I’m refocusing myself, is going to be a priority along with walking and getting myself back to running hopefully before the year-end.

Looking forward to write more about my journey.

Thanks for visiting!



Back on track! Good News


I’m happy to be back on track with my blog.

I may not write for a while about running. I need to wait around 2 months to start again my running journey.

I’m wondering if I can start writing reviews about different stuff like (makeup, food, places, etc…)

I know I describe this blog like my journal; I think this part of my life; is a nice idea to invest time on it.

I may not have the same time like in the past, but I going have different kind of themes to talk if I change I little bit the blog main interest for a minute and then continue writing about my runs.

Very important… I’m not trying to focusing in other things in this blog. I just want to incorporate others things that is part of my interests.