June 24, 2013. The race today felt great!!


Today was a good day. The race today felt great. My mood is happy so I think it influenced.

I notice since I modify the day I don’t run, I feel like my body has more resistance. So I do workout at home, with my 2/ 10pound weights.

What I do?

  • Basic stretch
  • 25 sit ups (military style)
  • 5 push up
  • 30sec plank
  • 3 sets – 10pounds weight – 15 repetitions (biceps and triceps)
  • 3 sets of 20 repetitions (squats)
  • 2 sets of 20 repetitions (Donkey kick) per leg
  • 2 sets of 20 rept. (Front lunges)
  • 2 sets of 20 rept. (Side lunges)
  • 20 rept. (Hip Brigde)
  • 20 rept. (Overhead arm clap)

Now for Today June 24, 2013. #RUN

  • Distance: 2.00miles
  • Time: 23:53min
  • Pace: 11’54″/mi
  • Calories burn 249
  • Temp: 73 degrees F.

Let me tell you today I feel like a winner. I’m so happy that was felt good to run today. While running the wind felt like a good helper to my breathing, and in no time I had a problem with it. A good news for today’s run is that I do not stop at any time to take a few steps, and that’s Amazing!

Note: Today I finally pass to orange level on my Nike + running app.


(This image is a edited screenshot from my Nike + running profile)




June 20, 2013. My knee is bothering me!


Today I was supposed to run 2.50miles during in the run my knee start to inconvenience. I keep trying to reach my goal. Today was not that day and I need to learn pay attention to my body when enough is enough. I run 1.95mi, in the middle of the run my amore notice that I’m not in his way and he returned to find me. He ask me “Are you Okay?” and my answer was “My knee” I almost in tears for a moment because I felt frustrated.He is my magic, he is helping me. So he told me “If you need to stop, then stop…Don’t push to hard”. I was like; no I don’t want to but my body was telling me something; so I stop.

Background info: (Check here “About”) I was in the volleyball team in my university, maybe my knee is bother me because  of many falls, bumps and rolls to the floor as part of the game and training.

If the knee still hurting me, I’m going to visit the doctor.

June 20,2013

Miles: 1.95mi

Time: 25:01min 

Pace: 12’49″/mi

graphic06202013(this image is a screenshot from my Nike plus profile)



June 17, 2013. A little bit more…

Today was like every single Monday in my life. I was tired, I don’t want to do anything beside stay in bed all day. But I have a training plan so I can not skip the days.
Today I ran with company, my amore!
He told me “You need to push a little bit harder today”. I was like “oh yeah” because I love challenges.
So we change our usual route to extend the run .50mi more.
And I did it!!! Run 2.50miles!!!
I was feeling very sore. I reaches the point that it did not feel my feet and I felt exhausted but I keep running and I culminate what I started.

2.50miles – pace: 12’30”/mi – 31:17min.


 (photo is a screenshot from my Nike plus profile)



June 16, 2013. Father’s Day Run + Work!


Happy Father’s Day!

Today was a great day. My father is in Puerto Rico, I didn’t spend this day with him; so sad but I “facetime” with him.

I went to help my amore in to his work to organize few equipments. We spent 5hrs doing everything non-stopping. I was tired, my feets ached, but I get home I went to run which was my plan for Sunday. I can not stop or skip days from my training. This is the most important thing for me now. Also I think is the first time in my life that I compromised in something. Is a goal that I going to accomplish! oh yeah! It feel so good, doing something that you want, that makes you feel free. I love RUN, since I started this, I feel different, I feel productive, active, etc…

Today Sunday June 16, 2013.

2.00mi – 25:39min – pace 12’46”/mi (OH my God Slowwww) – 83F degrees

Fun Fact: While running on path passes through houses with families celebrating together, the interesting fact here is that the smell of the barbecue had invaded the area from start to finish. Yummy! Hehe!


(This photo is a screenshot from my Nike plus profile)



June 14,2013. Flag Day Run! + Disappointment


Is nice make any excuse for a run. So I decided that I will run today because I was changing my route. I mostly run in the sidewalk but this time I change it to pavement. It was hard; the impact feels hard in the body; that makes my pace slow.

I was a little bit disappointed because my time for 2.00mi changed a by a few minutes. I was running in a slow pace that made you feel your legs are sore.

I believe that the mind is very powerful, and I say to my self in the process that I can do it. “I not going to stop running for nothing”, so I keep moving. I try to convince my self, that if I want I need to give a little bit extra.

I try to think about the different things that could change and do not help me to accomplish the run in a good time.

  • My diet on my birthday was the worst ever, I ate pizza and cake.
  • I’m not doing any other type of exercise beside running.
  • I drink coffee with regular sugar.
  • I eat red meat, bread and rice.

I know that I need to change few things to have a better performance in my running schedule.

Starting on Sunday June 16, 2013. I going to change the way I eat and on the days I do not run,I will do some type of physical exercise. I know this is going to be hard, but I can do it. I know this is going to change the way I run and going to give me the necessary resistance.

Finally the important thing here that I did it and I don’t give up.

 (This image is a screenshot from my Nike plus profile.)



Wednesday June 12, 2013. Birthday Run


Today was a fun long day. I woke up early in the morning. I spent the day with my amore; we eat lunch together, then for a little shopping and the rest of the afternoon in his office. When we get home, I get ready to hit the road, that was my plan yesterday so I did it.

I run my fastest 1.00mile Finally!!!

[ 1.00mi10:29min – pace 10’32″/min – temperature 56F degrees ]
[ Also my fastest 1k – 6:34min.]

Four weeks ago was 10:56min the mile. (note: one of my goals is do the 2.00miles in 20mins) The difference is minimun but it feels so good. The difference was :27 seconds.

Next I put a photo for record also the badges I earn for the fastest mile run and for running on my birthday.

I use nike + running app for iphone.



Tuesday June 11, 2013. Running in the late afternoon.


If you read my previous post, (here) you can read that I get a sunburn. So for my running today I waited until the late afternoon, that was like when you are ask yourself if the evening will end.

Also my amore enjoyed the run!
He have a routine because running is part of his job. So he is a good helper with my training as a beginner.

Today we run [ 2.20miles – Pace 11’34″/mi – Time 25:31min ]

Pain: In my knee in my left leg.

Plans for tomorrow: June 12, 2013. Is my birthday so I’m planning at least running a mile.

 Nike free fit 2