Bad Landing (Volleyball)



On Monday I went to an open gym for a volleyball section with my all energy on high. I play 3 sets first then 2 more. In the final set of the game I was very involved and focus. It was the third pass to make the spike and there is me in the zone 4 to make the point wish it works but then this happen, I think the worst nightmare of any player an injury. I did a bad landing and twisted my ankle. I didn’t use the ankle braces. It was during the night so I waited until today the next day to visit the doctor. It hurts a lot and is very swelling but Thanks God is not fracture. I have swelling ligaments. Right Now is already 24hrs of this happening and is better but still hurts. I have put icepack, arnica balm and I also elevated the leg… I hope this get better soon. Now not running, not volleyball until fully recover I don’t want to risk anything.

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