When no body understand why you run!


Here some words that I want to express and internally work within my soul.

When no body understand why you run!

They don’t understand why I love running.

What run did and do for me.

Running is my passion.

Running is my distraction.

Running is my peaceful place.

Running is my alone time.

Running is Me.

Running is more than a run for me.

Running is my motivation to keep going strong and achieve what I want in life.

Right now, running  is just that.

Running is something hard to explain to others. Thing that you need to start avoiding if “others” don’t come with positive thoughts about this topic from now on. (note  to myself )

Running is something that if you not experience for yourself, you will never know how it make you feel.

I’m running because I can prove myself that I’m good enough to set a goal and make it happen.

Running makes me a person who is determined to accomplish an objective.

Yes, just a word and an action with three letters RUN.


Hi! I’m Catherine Press and I run for myself. 

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https://healthyrunning.blog/ (Thanks for that post: A little Personal)

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Amanda https://my26point2journey.com/ (Thanks for your last post: TONIGHT I RAN…)

Both of you inspire me for this post. To open my mind and see that I’m not alone. Thanks!

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Why I stop running

I don’t know where to start since I lost count of when was my last post.

I’m writing on my phone. Is Nov 24, 2015. 10:28pm

I’m in a state of my mind that right now I don’t know what I want or what is my passion. Few months back I thought that it was running. And I still love running. But this lack of motivation, starting with my weight is winning.

I try to change my mind but the bad stuff is winning.

No excuses! Uff I have tons.
I don’t going to list them but I know that I’m the one putting me down by myself.

I bought new tennis shoes to start running, that was the reason I expend that money on a new pair. But they still in the box in my closet.

Maybe there is another reason of why I’m not running. But I can’t accept that other things are winning.

I need to step up for me but, How?

/Short post/

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