Training To Run


If you have been reading my recently posts you know that I’m starting from the bottom, from zero to running again. I decided to start doing some push-up and work my core a little, so that way I have more endurance or I feel more capable to run. I don’t know,is like baby steps start like a beginner again. I feel good with myself recently. I feel like a have the power to work my mind to decide doing what I was doing with my body and for myself before pregnancy and baby.

Doing the daily at home, taking care of my little baby girl, plus doing exercise. It may sound like three things but is more than that and I know that I’m capable to do this and more that is for me. We need to start with our self so it is easy to love and appreciate the love that is around us.

I start this new year like no other. In the past I found a good motivation to start running. I may talk about later when I feel more confident to share that experience. But this year the motivation is me. Work for me, myself and I. For my health, my body and my confidence. It may sound a little selfish but sometime you need to give you self some respect and stop thinking about the rest.

At the end of the month I will be doing a recap of everything I’m doing to start running. That journey is about to start next month. I’m so excited to start and share every step with you that read me.


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TODAY is my blogiversary

My 3yrs blogiversary1452471694007

Today January 10 three years ago. I decided for the first time used this platform like a diary, my blog, my journal. I like this site because is easy to use.

Thanks to this site I had found a place to write about my running journey, my goals, my new attempts, my fails, my ups and downs, and my progress.

Wow! I didn’t except to use this platform as much, but it become part of me, when I want to write about something related to the previous themes that I mentioned.

Here I am writing three years later and looking forward to keep going with the blogging life. I like how I can interact and know other people and read their histories. This is a amazing community.

For this new year 2016 I hope I can keep posting in the daily. Hey! There you have it a new goal for this year.

I’m so excited for the 2016 because it just started and I’m already motivated to keep my blog game on point!

I invite you to stay and accompany me in this journey.


For the years to come!


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Not Running!


I hope you started your new year 2016 with new goals.

My goal for now is run a race on June. For that to happen I need to work more in me. My body, my core and my mind. I started doing push-up Today is January 8,2016. And yesterday I did (7) seven push-up, that’s amazing for a person that never was able to do one. On January 15,2016. I’m going to start with my abdomen, by doing some sit-up military style “I prefer that way”.

I had been working on my diet, like starting from zero again. I’m trying to not eat candy. I’m trying to not drink Coke “Yep, that’s is a bad habit”. I started drink coke again in 2015. I didn’t drink coke since February 2012. I know I can do this again! I also trying to cut my portions little by little. I’m cooking more, like every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I’m going to eat less outside or if I do it, I’m going to try the most healthy option on the menu.

This is more hard that I ever think. Is like baby steps.

But I’m not a quitter, so I’m going to keep doing the challenge.

You need to start from something, Right!


Let’s do this!


For more info: Check my goals

My previous post: My Running plan for 2016

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Why I stop running

I don’t know where to start since I lost count of when was my last post.

I’m writing on my phone. Is Nov 24, 2015. 10:28pm

I’m in a state of my mind that right now I don’t know what I want or what is my passion. Few months back I thought that it was running. And I still love running. But this lack of motivation, starting with my weight is winning.

I try to change my mind but the bad stuff is winning.

No excuses! Uff I have tons.
I don’t going to list them but I know that I’m the one putting me down by myself.

I bought new tennis shoes to start running, that was the reason I expend that money on a new pair. But they still in the box in my closet.

Maybe there is another reason of why I’m not running. But I can’t accept that other things are winning.

I need to step up for me but, How?

/Short post/

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for me please feel free of leaving me a comment down below.
It will be appreciate.


New year, new goals!

Hi everyone!

I just started to run again.
This part of my goals for this year 2015.
I’m very focus in this goal that is keep running.
I need to lose weight too.
So this is my motivation to run.

So today is Jan 03, 2015.
I ran 1.50mi
The pace was slow but hey you need to start with something, right!!
I also ran with the baby on the stroller for the first time!
The weather was good 32 degrees F.

This is a short post!
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Stay Hydrated H2o


This post is going to be a reminder for my self and a benefit for who read this.

Why stay hydrated is important?

In general I think that maintain a certain amount of water in your system is good for doing exercise, help with your skin, it help your body and system and it help to eliminate bad toxins and clean your system.

Benefitis of drinking water:

  • Help to loss weight
  • Healthy Skin
  • Fight Infection
  • Get rid of body toxins
  • Healthy Heart
  • Boost Energy
  • Prevent joints pains and arthritis.
  • Prevent constipation
  • Reduce risk of cancer
  • Improves productivity
  • Help with body temperature

H2o is good for you it’s safe and essential for the human. The water don’t have any calories.

The best way to stay hydrated is drinking water and eating right stuff.

Example: cucumber, watermelon, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, celery, grapefruit, brocoli and watercress.

Is good to incorporate in your diet good food and ingredients to eat that is going to reflect in your body, your mood, how your think and everything.

How much water is recommended to drink a day?

It depends how much you weight. You can search it; you can find a scale with the weight and the amount of water.

Personal Reminder and Recommendation:

Why I want to stay hydrated?

I’m planning to start my running journey again and is important for my progress, my body and my system have water. It going to help to prevent future injury. Also if you read the benefit of the water it going to help with so many things. It motive me to keep drinking this amazing liquid.

This journey is going to start in few months. I’m very excited to bring you back my posts about; what kind of exercise and routine I did to keep my running diary updated.


Disclaimer: All the information in this post I personally search for my own benefit. The information may vary of source.