I still Running!

Hi Everyone long time not see at least not here on my blog. I know I know!

Now I’m using the instagram platform more often. You can find me @catherine_run1

2020 This year have been very challenging not just for me but all around the world. Hope if you are reading this that everything is okay with you and your family and friends.

About running I have been pretty consistent but not like I was last year 2019. That’s okay! A lot of thing have change since then and I am working on it little by little, step by step. My goal this year have been running not matter the distance, not matter the pace, not matter the time. Just Running!

I will try my best to start again over here to post more frequently. I miss the blog, the people who read and comment.

If you read it please let me know:

How are you doing? / Where are you from?




5 thoughts on “I still Running!

  1. I miss you too! I was worried when you stopped posting on here and I don’t have Instagram.

    I have an additional coach for kickboxing now and he focuses more on running than the other coaches since we have some boxers who are interested in competition. Over a week ago, I had to run a course and for the very first time, I ran a mile without stopping (the course was 1.6 miles, slightly more than half of a 5K). I was slower, but I didn’t stop.

    • Hey! Nice to reading you!!!
      Yeah I was trying that social media. It’s working but I miss the good old days and my other kind of people. It’s working but is not the same. Like here!

      I can imagine that running is equal to endurance and resistance when you talk boxing so that amazing. Good Job Keep going!!
      Take care!!

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