My first Long and Farthest run ever


On Sunday I decided to run go for more distance than usually for me. So, I had been running 1.50mi or around 3.50mi. My goal for this Sunday run was going for 4.00miles but when I started, I realize that day was 5miler for the Nike running club app so I went for the 5 miles. During the process of running this distance I was feeling good also keeping a good pace I was amazed and impress that what I was capable in the moment I was pep-talk to me during the run like “girl you got this” “you can do it” “you are doing it” also the music help me a lot during this amazing run. In the mile 4; I got confused with my Garmin watch so I didn’t know at the moment if I was running the 4 mile or the 5 mile so I decided to finish that mile “4” mile and when I was near my destination I was in mile I don’t know and 0.14mi to arrive so I went for the quarter mile 0.25mi. When I stopped the watch, I started to walk I was feeling everything at that moment and when the watch notifies me that the run transferred was completed, I saw it, there 6.26mi RUN!!!!!!!

My very first 10k, longest run, farthest and time and pace EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!

I arrived home in cloud 9, happy, excited, tired but specially very pleased for my performance during the run. I never quit I never walk I just went and RUN!

The mind is powerful. I set that goal and went for it and I did it.


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