Good News: My second 5k

Good News

Hi! I’m super excited!!!

I just registered for my second 5k event of this year!

I going to be more committed this time.

I’m going to have plenty of time for training.

This time I’m going to give the best of me to take the training very serious.

I want this, so I going to fight for it!

This goal is mine to achieve it!

I know that I’m capable!

Thanks for visiting!!




27 thoughts on “Good News: My second 5k

  1. 5ks are so much fun they are a good way to start especially the fun runs I use to run a lot. But I ran my first half marathon and it was a lot of Impact on my knees I’m working my way back up to running again

  2. OMG – huge good luck to you!
    I’m so apprehensive about joining one. I’ve been wanting to do a half marathon forever now, having run cross country throughout high school. 🙂

  3. Holà! Linda C.P.

    Mis 5k veces varían muy ampliamente. Encuentro que si siento que no puedo correr más, ralentizo, de modo que sólo estoy haciendo un movimiento. ¡Nunca paro de caminar por miedo a que nunca podré volver a correr en esa carrera!

    La paz sea el Botendaddy

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