Global Running Day 2017


Today is/was Global Running day!

Happy Running everybody!

Today I ran to be a better version of myself.

Today I ran a distance that I haven’t run in almost 3 years.

Today’s run was a good proof of what I’m capable to do.

Today June 7, 2017. I ran 1.30mi

It felt so good.

I just want to dedicated this post to the person who encouraged me to run.

That person is Jessica a friend that motivated me in 2013 to start this journey when I was in my worst moment.

Thanks Jess!!

Thanks to her I discover this passion in me.

Here I am in 2017 when I decided to start running again; trying my best to keep up with that passion. Giving all of me to achieve this goal. RUN


Do you run today? What motivated you to start running?

Thanks for visiting!




6 thoughts on “Global Running Day 2017

  1. This line is very powerful:
    Today’s run was a good proof of what I’m capable to do.

  2. Welcome back to the running path. I didn’t run for a long time either so the challenge you saw on my blog is my way of pushing myself to build a habit for regular running. I just followed your blog so I can keep encouraging you. I look forward to hearing great things about your running journey.

  3. Never worry about what anyone thinks. You only run against you. If 1.30 is a good distance for you, that’s OK. I’ve been having trouble running more than 3-4 miles lately, but I’m in so much pain from old lower body and spinal injuries that I can barely walk sometimes, but I’m happy with whatever I can do. I may never run a marathon, but so be it. I’m just glad that I can still run. So just get out there and be happy to run!

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