2017 Fitness Plan

2017 Fitness Plan

March 5, 2017 is the start of a new journey.

My plan is about lose weight.

My Goal for this year 2017 is to lose -55lbs.

I’m currently 215lbs.


  • Eat more healthy
    • NO candy
    • NO bread
    • NO soda
  • Drink more water
    • 32oz. min per day
  • Cardio
    • 15-30 per day

This time is not about running, is about my health. In the future I might add running to my plan. For now is about to change my choices/habits when it come to eat, drink, or exercising or not.

If you had your plan or a fitness suggestion please leave a comment!




2 thoughts on “2017 Fitness Plan

  1. I don´t know what do you mean exactly with exercise but, the best thing you can do to lose weight is to take a walk, a brisk walk. Walking is an excellent cardio exercise, needs less motivation than running and gives better results 🙂 Fat burning depends on the heartbeat range we work and sometimes running raises our heartbeat and we get tired but we don´t burn fat.
    The minimum recommended weekly cardio is three and a half hours, so your planned 30 min sessions got it covered 😉
    Big hug, David

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