TODAY is my blogiversary

My 3yrs blogiversary1452471694007

Today January 10 three years ago. I decided for the first time used this platform like a diary, my blog, my journal. I like this site because is easy to use.

Thanks to this site I had found a place to write about my running journey, my goals, my new attempts, my fails, my ups and downs, and my progress.

Wow! I didn’t except to use this platform as much, but it become part of me, when I want to write about something related to the previous themes that I mentioned.

Here I am writing three years later and looking forward to keep going with the blogging life. I like how I can interact and know other people and read their histories. This is a amazing community.

For this new year 2016 I hope I can keep posting in the daily. Hey! There you have it a new goal for this year.

I’m so excited for the 2016 because it just started and I’m already motivated to keep my blog game on point!

I invite you to stay and accompany me in this journey.


For the years to come!


Thanks for reading



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