Why I stop running

I don’t know where to start since I lost count of when was my last post.

I’m writing on my phone. Is Nov 24, 2015. 10:28pm

I’m in a state of my mind that right now I don’t know what I want or what is my passion. Few months back I thought that it was running. And I still love running. But this lack of motivation, starting with my weight is winning.

I try to change my mind but the bad stuff is winning.

No excuses! Uff I have tons.
I don’t going to list them but I know that I’m the one putting me down by myself.

I bought new tennis shoes to start running, that was the reason I expend that money on a new pair. But they still in the box in my closet.

Maybe there is another reason of why I’m not running. But I can’t accept that other things are winning.

I need to step up for me but, How?

/Short post/

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for me please feel free of leaving me a comment down below.
It will be appreciate.


One thought on “Why I stop running

  1. I hope you get your mojo back soon! Until then I hope I can be a little motivation for you to get back on the pavement 😉 But rest if you need and you will know when your body is ready to get back out there.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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