June 22, 2013. I feel tired during the run.


Today I think not was my day. When I start running it feel good then when I hit de 1.00mile, the air feels different, my breath was hard and I start to have ribs pain. So I walk for a little bit… I continue with my run but my pace was very slow, like I feel I was walking I don’t know. Was a wierd event today with my run. Also my legs ached but it was something that could withstand. I was feeling very tired.

I feel like instead of progressing, i’m going backward.





4 thoughts on “June 22, 2013. I feel tired during the run.

  1. Listen to your body. Sometimes it is telling you to cut the run short or take it easier. It happens as you train and as your body reconditions itself to the new rigors you are putting it through. Don’t despair, just adapt, adjust and keep going forward. You’ll get where you want to be. Good luck!

  2. One of my favorite quotes is: ‘pain is progress’. While it sounds sort of cruel I believe that when you are having a hard time running, at least you will be moving forward as you are pushing your body. Just don’t push too hard!

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