June 20, 2013. My knee is bothering me!


Today I was supposed to run 2.50miles during in the run my knee start to inconvenience. I keep trying to reach my goal. Today was not that day and I need to learn pay attention to my body when enough is enough. I run 1.95mi, in the middle of the run my amore notice that I’m not in his way and he returned to find me. He ask me “Are you Okay?” and my answer was “My knee” I almost in tears for a moment because I felt frustrated.He is my magic, he is helping me. So he told me “If you need to stop, then stop…Don’t push to hard”. I was like; no I don’t want to but my body was telling me something; so I stop.

Background info: (Check here “About”) I was in the volleyball team in my university, maybe my knee is bother me because  of many falls, bumps and rolls to the floor as part of the game and training.

If the knee still hurting me, I’m going to visit the doctor.

June 20,2013

Miles: 1.95mi

Time: 25:01min 

Pace: 12’49″/mi

graphic06202013(this image is a screenshot from my Nike plus profile)




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