Friday June 7, 2013 Bike ride with my Amore.


On Thursday June 6, 2013.

My hubby decided to clean and repair our mountain bikes. Later in the night he told me:  “Tomorrow we are going to a trail, to use the bikes”. I was like “NO” tomorrow is running day, Lol!

Friday June 7, 2013.

We woke up very excited for that day so we ate breakfast, made a bag of goodies and took the road to get to the trail. That was fun, the trail has train rails, few bridges, houses, flora, fauna (like a small deer and two of the babies), and a little part of a swamp. We saw a rock and cement company. Also there was a few runners and bike runners. I like when the people greets on the course.

We finally take a small break on the mile #5. We ate a snack and drink some water. The first miles was so relaxing, but when we started again it was I like “oh my god” It was a long time ago we ride the bikes since summer last year. We did it and enjoy it. Also it was a great idea to spend time with my love that’s a hard worked.

We rode our bikes 10 miles. Awesome!


Catherine Press


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